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TASC corporate video and TV spot.

Lockheed Martin TV spot.

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Delivering point-of-sale power

for a retirement community.
Aberdeen Village is one of the most experienced senior living providers in Kansas and Missouri. The community wanted to strengthen its point-of-sale engagement of consumers who are carefully planning their retirement. Developing the right copy tone was critical to connecting directly to seniors who are seeking a community that is guided by strong character and values.

Creating a welcoming HR image

for a hospitality leader.
Choice Hotels, one of the country’s most recognized hospitality lodging brands, needed a campaign to introduce its newly retooled corporate Human Resources function. A fresh and original persona was created for the department; one that was friendly, smart, congenial and used self-deprecating humor. The 20-part internal poster campaign played a key role in solidifying the profile of the company’s HR department.

Preparing a banking leader

to go to college.
The copy challenge involved developing a deep understanding of PNC financial products and processes. The next step entailed delivering that information in a way that would engage both financial and non-financial college audiences. It was part of a national recruiting campaign that was built on consumer positioning developed by Deutsch, New York. Channels included the bank’s national careers website, digital communications, a long-format brochure, displays, video and other media.


FBI TV spot.